Discovering GREAT Balsamic Vinegar

Goccia Balsamic Vinegar  - Lynda Lynn Muskoka ArtistThis might be a little off the art topic but it is a bit about who I am. Can’t resist exploring and discovering new things.

Before Christmas I was doing an immense grocery shopping in anticipation of the family members expected to arrive for visits and meals. The cart was so heaped that how much it was going to cost had just gone right out the window and now I was starting to throw in decadent items that no way I’d even consider purchasing the rest of the year.

The tall, dark, slim bottles with long elegant necks beckoned me. They reminded me of Modagliani ‘s models. Goccia Balsamic Vinegar on sale for only  $17.99 for a 100ml bottle ( that’s less than 4 ounces). I had been complaining to my daughter about the store brand tasting so awful that I couldn’t be bothered with Balsamic and I think that it had been about $7. She encouraged me to try a “better” quality but how on earth are you supposed to tell?

I clasped  two different ones, one with a black label and one with gold,  (both on sale you know) and added them to the already overflowing  cart, telling myself that I’d never notice the added cost given the size of the rest of the order  It’s all relative. If I didn’t like them I could always use them in cooking. Balsamic does add a nice zip to soups.

Not only am I an “Art Supply Junkie” but I can’t resist trying all sorts of other new things.

As soon as the groceries were unpacked, I uncorked the vinegars, and poured a taste of each onto a spoon to try.

OMG – I could drink it right from the bottle and hate to admit that on occasion I have done.  What a difference.  It is made in Italy and imported in Canada by Legacy Distributors Inc., Woodbridge, Ontario

I do hope that the grocery store continues to keep it in stock. It seems as if they try something, and just when it has had enough exposure and time for people to want  to replenish it, the manager decides that the product just isn’t moving and removes it from the shelf.

And now I have  another addiction.